No more Secret Voices

After almost 5 years of vocal fun I have decided to discontinue my Vocal Trance show ‘Secret Voices’ on DI.FM.

A lot has happened since I started the show but I always enjoyed the time spending to collect the music and putting the shows together.
Just sharing this music with people having the same taste of ‘Trance’ I enjoyed the most and therefore I like to thank everyone very much who dropped by and their kind support for the show!

Ending Secret Voices does not mean I completely stop my activities, but when motivation is taken away I think it’s a good idea to quit and start something new again.
Many thanks for tuning in, your kind, messages, likes, requests, instructive suggestions, stories, collaborations, guestmixes, promo’s and so on, which made Secret Voices!!

I hope you enjoyed the Voices and hopefully you’ll stay connected..